22 October 2013

Avondale rail station re-created by toy enthusiast

"It is a busy day in the Avondale yard. Rail fans were pleasantly surprised this week to see a very short passenger train stop briefly at the Avondale station on the way to the Carleton Railway's shops in Nortondale, York County.

"Those covered hoppers on track 5 are part of the westbound Newbridge Turn that has just arrived from South Newbridge and the caboose that is almost out of sight on track 6 is at the rear of the Aroostook Local leaving for Monticello, Maine."

This terrific image and fantasy-inspired text are from a blog the setting for which is rural Carleton County; the year is 1965. The model railway enthusiast is in Saint John but there seems to be no way to contact him. When you visit the page from which this photo was taken, search for other mentions of Avondale as well.